YALOOLB: Yet Another Linux on Old Laptop Blog

So, I’ve got this old Laptop for free (btw: I recently had a discussion with my neighbour about what the word geek actually means, so be prepared for what follows). It’s old, i.e. slow. It had W*****s 2000 as its original OS, and that basically sucked. What I wanted was a laptop I can actually use for stuff (e.g., for writing, surfing, a bit of DTP (LATEX) and whatever might come to my mind I want to do with it, not going berserk of course).

I have a few friends and acquaintances of the geek-ish type, and I ran into Linux when I had to use it on my then flatmate’s desktop pc. Found it interesting then, but never kept track. But now it became an option again.

To cut a long (and boring, but still to be told soon) story short, I ended up installing (and using) VectorLinux Light 6.0, and I’m loving it. In fact I’m loving it so much that I started this blog, which will basically tell the story of me choosing, installing and running VLL 6.0 on my old laptop (including things I’ll hopefully learn along the way).

If you think this is a great idea for a blog, poor you! Get a life!

So, there it is. Prepare for the worst (i.e., another post)! I’m a total newbie by the way, which will make things surely even more interesting.


Over and out.


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