Mission Statement

Perhaps I should really start out with saying something about the ‘why’ of running such a blog as this.

There are already quite a few websites around which deal with running Linux on old laptops (try this G**gle search). However, everybody has different needs, and hence I should probably say a little about what I was personally looking for.

In terms of computer knowledge, I probably belong to the intermediate group. I have been interested in computers from early on but never got one until I was fourteen (somewhen in the mid-nineties). I have mostly used any W*****s that would be available on my boxes, but actually the first OS I experienced (running an ASCII game called “Worm” (a jump’n’run oldie)) was some UNIX back in the late eighties. Also, as I mentioned before, I was introduced to the basics (and some of the magic) of Linux by an ex-flatmate of mine who was studying computer sciences back then.

Apart from that I have a little programming experience (mostly PHP), have learned how to “write” websites in the stupid old Notepad by hand, have done my share of MySQL-ing, JavaScript-ing, and such nonsense, and of course have learned my way around things generally computer (setting up, fiddling around with system files, etc. Actually, this probably goes back to having to learn MS DOS proper, and reading old computer mags before I even had my own box).

But for this laptop, I was simply looking for a solution that would provide me with the basic needs:

  • Rather fast
  • Quite reliable
  • Definitely equipped with a GUI (a nice-looking one and customizable if possible)
  • Should be able to run OpenOffice.org 3.0 (and perhaps LATEX)
  • Have a decent package management or at least easy-to-compile possibilities
  • Should provide relatively simple WiFi handling
  • Should be free and open-source (for monetary as well as “political” reasons)
  • Should have a sizeable community with a high relative percentage of knowledgable people (developers, etc.), and really newbie-friendly on top

Not really high expectations, are they? Yet it was harder than first envisioned to actually find the right distribution! It took browsing a gazillion sites, trying to figure out what was behind at least the same number of opinions on the respective distributions, downloading ISOs, test-driving them (including a few installs) on my hardware and then de-installing them again.

So I thought it would be nice to have a single site dedicated to describing the optimal setup, and in-action developments for my needs and my hardware for people, that might have similar needs (I guess this would be roughly about 70% or more of Linux newbies out there) and similar hardware. And if you are reading this, I guess you must be one of them: Welcome!

Over and out.


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